Twilight Shrine Portal
So... this is my Twilight shrine, completely embarassing and outdated I know..
but I am still kinda obssessed with the whole vampire pacific northwest forest vibe of it all. My favourite book is New Moon and I think the best film is Twilight..the rest are questionable. Obviously the best character is Alice (not like i'm biased or anything). I'm not neccessarily team Edward but Jacob is a terrible person after New Moon so I guess Edward is the best option. Just to note I do not condone Stephenie Meyer in any way and think she has really shown her true colours when it comes to Twilight especially in reference to her treatment of the Native American characters and tribes both in real life and in the books - I would strongly reccomend looking into the real Quileute tribe.

Theres loads of Twilight stuff on the web leftover from when it was wildly popular so I thought it would be cool to compile some of my favourite things from the trash fire that was the Twilight fandom circa 2010. Another interesting find is the content people made before the movies came out, lots of fans wanted Emily Browing to play Bella so she's in a lot of the older stickers and graphics. This stuff was meant to be aesthetically pleasing but there is alot of weird memes on here.. im sorry