Hey! I'm Alice the owner of this site and I have way (slightly less than I used to) too much spare time!
I'm super passionate about the 2000s from everything to technology to fashion to media, I'm a big nostalgia nerd. Windows XP in particular appears in a lot of my best childhood memories, whether it was picking the yellow duck profile picture or being confused by minesweeper, it's appearance really stuck in my brain. I'm not sure where along the line the site began to become a Windows XP simulator but I'm not mad about it, and I hope whether you remember the software from being a kid, an adult or maybe not at all, it gives you some escape from flat colour vector icons!
I made this website in 2019 orginally as a place to host bad meme references but in time it has morphed into a love letter to the old web. I started this site with absolutely no coding knowledge and even now I'm not really confident in my ability - so if I can do it so can you!
I love talking to fellow windows xp enjoyers (or maybe even haters) so drop me a guestbook comment, I'm more than happy to check out your own site ^0^. So I hope you enjoy looking around my crusty site with the onmiprescence of the liminal 'bliss' background. The site is a constant work in progress so stick around - see what changes, maybe one day I'll do a windows 10 theme (don't worry that will never ever happen)
Alice of Avocado Land

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