Site Updates

Hi!!!! Long time no update LOL I really wanted to come on here and say thank you so so much for the lovely guestbook messages, I do check them often even if I am in a period of website hiatus :) (especially thank you to the person who said they liked my emo music rants haha!) I always seem to come back to neocities no matter how long I leave it and I feel welcomed each time I return, even if I don't belong to a community or anything I'm so grateful to the people who I've spoken to on here since I joined in 2019 (WTF 2019!!!). I alsooo wanted to just say thank you to the creators of the YesterWeb community which shut down earlier this year, I'm not exactly sure how to contact anyone who had a part in it since I stopped being active over a year ago! Buttt I just wanted to say thank you sm to everyone who worked to create a space which passionate webmasters such as myself could feel welcomed (I know the community esp the discord had a lot of ups and downs but I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of a space like that from the get go ^.^) I'm not sure whether to say expect updates or anything because offline life is very busy (adulting ew) but I haven't completely forgotten about neocities LOL!!
Just added links back to my fanlistings! if you guys don't know what a fanlisting is check out it's a really cool old internety way to show people what things/ people you're a fan of ^_^
25.11.22 - 8:02PM
Added key and erin's sites to buddy list- i have no idea why it took me so long to add keys... sorry!!!! (check ouwt both of their sites rn they are so so amaze!!) also added code copy and paste things for my stickers ,., one month till christmas ohEmGEE where has the time gone..
24.11.22 - 5:01PM
New "profile picture" on buddy list! i thought id update it as my hair has changed lol. added harvey's site to buddy list check owt his site rn!!^_^
20.11.22 - 3:46PM
About me page now has a new and updated interests box - thought id use the user account page as a template and I think it works! Dw its still movable LOL. Thinking about adding some sort of music player to the about me page - i keep telling myself more is more haha. I still want gummy worms ...
19.11.22 - 10:48PM
I made a CD collection page because I've wanted to do it foreverrr and also this summer I wrote down every CD I own in a document :-). It's mega not what I want it to look like so stick around to see what happens but it may be a while because i have quite a few to get through ROFL i rlly want to eat gummy worms rn so sad
13.11.22 - 11:41PM
AIM profile section of about me is doneeee! It's not much but I did want somewhere to give people some useless infomation :-) - sorry hekate for taking a screenshot of your quiz results but i was really not wanting to struggle with resizing (i may resize it in the future though because its soo fuzzy) obviously her site is linked anyways! do her quizzes they are so cool! anyway uni is making me want to swim in a volcano not rlly but omG do i have so much work to do - who knew higher education would actually be difficult LMAO
09.11.22 - 09:30AM
Updated about me because the pixelly ness was killing me lmao, uhh i added daniele's site to buddy list - check it ouwt! Am probably going to finish the aim profile box I put in about me later today yay ^0^
03.11.22 - 12:24PM
Finalllllly finished my first music reccs page, it is a fall themed emo-y playlist so check is owut if you are interested (includes link to youtube and spotify playlist :p) autumn songs can be found here!
Music recommendations page for some reason is taking way longer to look the way I want it to lOL.Have added description though and am working on getting the image carosel to not look so bad - playlist will probably be up today hopefully (no school today heh) anyway hope y'all had a good halloween- i dressed up as a certain Dan Howell (only real ones know jk)
17.10.22 - 5:42PM
Music recommendations page is finally in layout stage, no posts yet though! am writing one right now (expect autumnal vibes) uni work has got me screaming and crying >:(
15.10.22 - 01:28AM
New banners added to the buddy page - broken ones removed or fixed, some more infomation added to the Thursday shrine. I made this page rofl.
I can't believe it's been so long since I updated but I really felt like I wanted to which is much much nicer than forcing it. I have many uni assignments so expect progress to be slow but I really feel like working on the site again- almost like when I first created it. I think my goals are clearer now, I got a bit bogged down by neocities discorse and I forgot that my site was supposed to make me feel happy and at ease but I like to think i've matured a bit.
In other news I've been tumblering ALOT and eating copious quantities of breakfast biscuits, I've also finally accepted my love for Taylor Swift after years of believing I was too cool (I am not and have never been, if anything she's too cool for me.). Right this very moment I am listening to Owen's The Avalanche album - Mike Kinsella needs to be stopped like no one should be able to get away with music this good,,,(updating the update i added the album in lol 01:57AM) ANYwHOO you have now recivied a 2 in 1 deal; life and site update.
Thanks for sticking around :-)