A view of the lighthouse from the pier opposite, the island the lighthouse is on is very much abandoned but the lighthouse still works remotely
A starfish! I've never actually seen one before, there were tons
Me on the way to the lighthouse, as the tide went out (the tides were insane, apparently the second largest in the world!)
The lighthouse up close - I've always wanted to live in a lighthouse, on second thoughts it sounds kinda scary
A cool abandoned victorian archway from the remains of Dunraven Castle, the history is super interesting read more here
Dunraven bay - the rocks and sand look so cool!
More Dunraven castle, very mysterious archway..
A really beautiful church with roots back to the early celtic settlers in Wales, twas closed inside unfortunatley.
Ruins of Ogmore Castle, I went here loads as a kid it was nice to come back, they were filming a welsh languge show here so we couldn't stay long.
Working watermill at the musuem of Wales, they mill flour using old techniques which is cool.
Restored Medieval church, i'm not really religous but I really love old churches.
I don't have an explanation but this is a bee.