Welcome to my Freezepop shrine! Freezepop are an indie-pop/electronic band formed in 1999. They are one of my favourite bands and i'm was inspired to make this shrine because I found a wayback link to their old super cool website!
I've made alot of graphics and backgrounds due to the lack of freezepop graphics online but i have also remade some older lost wallpapers. Everything I didn't make myself will have the original link attatched!
Even if you haven't heard about them their music and overall aesthetics are super cool and hopefully I can introduce them to a few people ^_^
freezepop.net circa 2005
freezepop.net today
where i find the wallpapers have a click around to see what downloads

desktop wallpapers! some of these are remastered versions from the old site and some are slighlty worse quality versions i haven't gotten round to updating ^_^

pixel art dolls! if i made the doll the base website will be credited, and if i didnt the orginal poster will be credited ^.^