Thursday (1997-)

Thursday are one of my all time favourite bands, I found them through My Chemical Romance a couple years ago and ever since I have been obsessed with their style of music, particularly their lyrics.
Mant people regard Thursday for being one of the trailblazers of the post-hardcore scene of the early 2000s but what sets them apart is their more emotional and experimental sound.
A piece of fun Thursday trivia is that their front-man Geoff Rickly was one of the biggest names in the 2000s New-Jersey basement scene - I mean he produced My Chemical Romance's first album and hosted bands such as Midtown and Poison the Well in his basement. Pretty cool, huh.
I highly reccomend listening to them, especially their most well known album 'Full Collapse' (2001) which features their most popular song 'Understanding In A Car Crash'.

Recomended for fans of: My Chemical Romance, Billy Talent, Saosin
Family Tree: L.S Dunes, No Devotion, United Nations
Favourite Album: War All The Time (2003)
Favourite Songs: This Side of Brightness
Asleep In The Chapel
Steps Ascending
Autumn Leaves Revisited
Friends In The Armed Forces

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"Here in this life we seem so lost,
On this side of brightness we don't know where to go"