a (chaotic) history of The Cure:
The Cure were formed in 1978 in the town of Crawley in south England but before this were called Easy Cure and Malice.
By 1978 the band consisted of singer Robert Smith, Lol Tolhurst and Michael Dempsey.
In 1979 the cure released a post-punk album called 'three imaginary boys' (US edition called 'boys dont cry') with the uk label, Fiction.
After a year bassist michael dempsey left and so bassist Simon gallup joined the band as well as keybordist Matthieu Hartley.
By 1981 the cure had released 2 gothic style albums: seventeen seconds and faith and in this time Matthieu Hartley had left the band.
1982 saw the cure change direction again into a more darker style and they released 'pornography' their most experimental work yet
By the end of 1982 tensions in the band had reached an all time high and Simon Gallup was asked to leave the band in this time Robert had joined Siouxsie and the banshees.
As a duo Robert Smith and Lol Tolhurst created a set of pop singles which are compiled into the EP 'japanese whispers'
However, Robert saw the success of 'love-cats' as a bad thing and set about getting a bigger band together to create psychedelic rock album, 'the top'.
The band now consisted of bassist Phil Thonalley, drummer Andy Anderson and gutarist Porl Thompson but later that year Andy Anderson was replaced by Boris Williams.
Then in 1985 Phil left and Simon returned, then the album 'head on the door' was released which showed Rhe Cure looking at many genres and musical styles.
1987 saw the release of 'kiss me kiss me kiss me' which is probably the Cure's most romantic album to date
2 years later the album 'distinegration' was released but Lol Tolhurts relationship with the band had fallen apart due to his alcholism and so he was forced to leave to get help.
Lol was replaced with Roger O'Donell who had previously worked with them on 'kiss me kiss me kiss me'. However, Roger left in 1990 but would return in 1994.
1991 was the year the Cures 9th album was released called 'Wish' and in 1993 Boris and Porl left the band and drummer Jason Cooper as well as guitarist Perry Banmonte.
3 years later 'Wild Mood Swings' was released and both Roger and Simon were back in the band and Reeves Gabriels replaced Perry Banmonte.