Music that reminds me of Autumn

Autumn always makes me want to listen to some guitar and a whole lot of complaining. Recently, one of these guitar playing guys who I’ve been listening to a lot is Mike Kinsella (also known as Owen, or the lead singer of American Football). I don’t know what it is, but this man cannot help but inject fall into every project he’s ever done. And so forth he has inspired my recent observations on the best music for the cosiest month.

Math rock is a genre that lends itself so well to fall with it almost having built in cosiness properties and is reminiscent for me of oranges, reds, and browns. For instance, in my opinion if American Football's debut album had a setting it would be a New England fall landscape with orange and red leaves lighting up streets and car windows. Many math rock/ Midwest emo bands these days use small town landscapes in their visuals such as Free Throw's Those Days are Gone and Once More, There Is Nothing Left to Figure Out by The Cardboard Swords.
Fall encapsulates the idea of finding warmth and happiness in the melancholy of the summer ending; a theme that many emo adjacent bands explore (cough cough The Summer Ends by American Football). So as the ‘Summer Ends’ stride into autumn or slowly skuttle alongside in your finest hoodie to some cosy ‘guy complaining with guitar music’. (I hate that I keep quoting a random O.C scene- please forgive but to be honest I can’t find a better way to describe the playlist I made).

The playlist sort of runs like a movie with the last couple songs being the sort of 'summing up'/ end credits songs and the ones at the start for the edgy character introductions.
Like almost every playlist I've ever made the more sorrowful reflective songs are found in the second third of the playlist and the upbeat car sing-a-longs are in the first section. Hopefully you find some new stuff - it's a pretty mixed bag of older music and more 3rd/4th generation emo bands.
Not to pick a favourite child but I would say the songs that best encapsulate the vibes are Boy Rex's Hello from Montreal and Texas Is The Reason's Do You Know Who You Are?. Special mention is My Omelas by Fail Better, Heal Faster because it's very good lol. If you do listen to the playlist drop me a guestbook message to tell me your thoughts!!