Here are a few links to some pretty cool sites that i like! :)

and under internet treasures you can see some of the various gifs, clipart and blinkies i have collected!

oldinterneticons.tumblr - my favourite tumblr account of all time! amazingly well recorded icons from the good ol' days - 2005 archive of the san-x web page, really adorable graphics which are downloadable - loads of cosmetics and skin booklets from the 1900s-60s!Really informative. - magazine scans from the 60s/70s, ads, modelling shoots and illustration! - the source of all my titles, full of tonnes of blinkies,text generators and dolls!! - fake windows xp simulator for that good old nostalgia

my gaia online profile - i have three friends pls add me ;-:

some ancient my chemical romance gifs for browsing purposes - the best website for any fishy fanatics

love letter generator - confess your love to your beefcake with this geocities archive! - glitterfy your pictures! - one of those silly add your own photo montage things- there are some gems though - another insane buffy fansite; a little hard to navigate but overall a great find