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welllll... what a year this has been

can't believe i didn't update this 4 a year

i'll probably use this page 4 updates

and so on...

ive def been having fun doing website stuff

i made my own stamps which was fun

good to distract myself from the world atm T-T

anyway! expect more updates on here ^^

song(s) of the day!

amazon - m.i.a


reminded - drowning pool


wow okay im sorry for my abandonment

so i finished my exams and i am currently on holiday

im staying by the sea which is great

im scared for results day tho ;-;

in other news i got new cds

ill upload the pictures when im home

i get nearly all of my cds from charity shops

which is good because they r like £1

song of the day! :)!

repetition - blur


woo!!! im back

i finallllly finished my exams so expect more stuff

im ill tho :-(

but i hope it will pass soon

i made a cd mix reccently

so i think im going to post it next to my other mixtape

i have prom this week!

im actualy quite excited eventhough im very socially awkward

ehhhh oh well ;-;

song of the day!!

18:10 to yeovil junction - bubblegum splash


bonjour! im back again

lol i had my food tech exam today and uhh i didn't revise

you can just guess how that went

i made a gallery page tho!!

im going to upload some art and photography!

don't expect much im not very good

iv just put on there some computer collages that i did today

i dont usually do computer edited stuff but expect a combo of

computer stuff and also 'tradtional art??" idk oh well

song of the day!!

the centre of my little world - another sunny day


today was eh

i had two exams today which was tiring

but it also means i never have to do english or bio ever again!

which is the best feeling everr

i have sooo many exams left but oh well i have 2 do them

and in 11 days i will never have to go back to school eva again ^_^

(deftones back to school plays softly) lol

song of the day!!

dirty boots - sonic youth


lmao imagine if it was 2006 today!

i ordered some cds from online and they arrived

i got amnesty (I) by crystal castles and loveless by mbv!

i will a link to the picture at the end

if i can work out how to do it lol

i had 2 exams today and i have 2 tommorow ew

lmao i tried to make fish fingers but then i burnt them

it was probably morrissey punishing me 4 eating fish

or maybe it was ceana hmmmm

oh well lol

i guess ill update on here sometimes (ill try to!)

song of the day!!

strawberries - asobi seksu (id reccomend if ur into shoegaze or twee pop!)

my new cds!